16 August 2007

Been Quiet

I know, been quiet. Not sure if the 4 of you who read this regularly even noticed! :)

Update on the boobs. All seems good. Cysts are for the most part gone. Doc said she felt one in a similar spot but it is much smaller than before. No need for a surgeon!

Cardiologist on Monday for the whole fainting and falling on my face while trying to poop.

Mark has officially annoyed me to the point where I thought I might kill him. Literally. Last night, while I was in bed at 8:45pm because I was so blasted tired, he came up with something from the mail. It was a Harriet Carter catalog. Heard of them? If not, click and browse.

He proceeded to go page by page and read to me about the stuff he saw.

He mentioned this. And that his mom really likes hummingbirds and maybe she'd like that.

And this. He really wanted this. Still does. As a matter of fact, I cannot count the number of times he brought this up.

Admittedly, I want this. Cause I have watched the infomercial a gazillion times. And I want it. BAD. But when you buy it thru the infomercial, you get the added blender AND juicer AND a whole second set....FOR FREE!!!!!! So, I want it from the infomercial. Cause I get more stuff. Told Mark about it earlier. He said "what do we need two for?". Because it's free, dummy.

Back to Mark....

He tried to get me to roll over and look at THIS. He thinks this is the greatest thing ever.

And this? Well, this is twice as good. I think he mentioned it five or six times. As in backtracked thru the catalog.

If he does it again tonight, he may actually be smothered by a pillow.

Not kidding. At. All.


Phoenix said...

I wondered. :)

Invest in earplugs. They'll save your marriage. Well that or smothering him.

For the Love... said...

Ohhhh-good news about the breastasisssss....

Come by tomorrow-I have something unbelievable going on-something that I am still trying to grasp and I could use the wisdom of a smart level headed girl.

Anonymous said...

He'll be very quiet then...tee hee..

Glad your boobs are peachy.

I've been wondering about you!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything is falling into place. You know when you get married, he'll irritate you even more. It's what happens!

GOOD about the titties!

And I just put up pics of the pups on the blog, just because of YOU! So back and LOOK!


Karmyn R said...

I have the Magic Bullet - my husband bought it for some work-related project and only had to use it once. Now it is mine.

it works pretty good, when I remember it. (I made chicken-salad sandwiches the other day and my husband asked "why didn't you use the Bullet?" - um, because I forget)

Glad to hear the cysts are almost all gone!!!

TxGambit said...

Good news on the boobs.

I sooo want the magic bullet too.

Men and toilets, they go together. Gadgets for toilets are just right up their alley.

Heather said...

Glad the hoo hoos are okay!

I figured that you were busy with wedding stuff... that or buying my ticket to TX so I can sing and do your flowers. LOL!

You're tagged. Visit my blog to see what for! :o)

Gina said...

I'm glad that things turned out ok in the chestal area.

min said...


Any word from the cardiologist?

Reggie burned out the bullet in a week...he still won't tell me what he put in there. He was smart enough to destroy the evidence.