13 August 2007

I have nothing to complain about

If you don't know Terry, I invite you to visit her blog. Read her story.

I have met her once, corresponded with her via email many times.

She is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing women I have ever, EVER met.

Her strength is amazing.

I wish I could have one-gazillionth of the strength and courage she does.

I cannot imagine what she goes thru on a daily basis. I sit and complain about a simple headache or the annoying kids who think my front yard is their personal playground/soccer field.

I think about Terry and I smile. Meeting her at lunch was such a great time. So upbeat and just a wonderful person. (scroll WAY down for the picture of me, her, Min and Jenny)

Terry - I hope you know what an affect (effect??) you have had on me and everyone who reads your blog.

We love ya, chica!! If you need anything - let your readers know!!! We will help you kick cancer's ASS!


Gina said...

I am such a whiner, and really, I don't have anything to whine about compared to many other people. Good luck to your friend!

TxGambit said...

Yes I have had a few eye opening moments this past year too. Taking a look at someone else's life really helps put mine in focus.


Jenny said...

Everything you just said? Ditto.

min said...

Terry is amazing. Life can be so wonderful, it is easy to take it for granted.
You're in a very happy time of your life. Don't let your own mortality mess it up!