12 August 2007

I *WILL* be happy and positive

I am going to NOT gripe and complain about anything. (Holy crap - can you hear the silence? I know, hard to believe...)

I will not gripe about:
1. my neighbor's children ringing my doorbell obnoxiously to get his soccerball out of my backyard at 9:47pm last night (is it physically impossible for someone under the age of 13 to ring a doorbell ONCE and WAIT for the person to come to the door??)
2. Mark and his plethora of socks. He has more socks than I have ever seen in my life. But none are the same "type". They are all white socks but they are different brands. Matching them takes FOREVER. I am tempted to trash them all and go buy him 4 or 5 bags of socks that all are the same. Easy breezy laundry time.
3. I go back to the OB/Gyn on Thursday. Yearly check up (woo hoo) and need to get my hooters checked again. I don't feel any cysts but who the hell am I?

I will be happy about:
1. I have a really good man in my life.
2. I have a great family and about to be family-in-laws
3. I guess this whole wedding thing is coming together. I refuse to go to a wedding website or buy a book/magazine about planning the wedding. So I am hoping I haven't forgotten anything.
4. I am about 3 seconds away from flying Heather in for my wedding. Apparantly she can sing AND make flower bouquets.
5. I was such a good person and did not tell Mark's mom about Mark's friend offering to sing and then backing out. Wow....I am a good person.


TxGambit said...

Sorry that is probably one of my kids! (grin).... They are always doing that to our neighbors!

Hugs! You have a lot of great things to be happy about it looks like. :)

Anonymous said...

It will all work out famously. I just know it!

And if you need any more singers, I "is" a professional. I'll even play piano for you, too! And I won't charge ya, and I won't even hold against you the fact that you almost ripped me a new one for not coming to see you recently.


Now relax already!

Jenny said...

don't buy the wedding book! Wait until afterward and then you can be all "unity candle? I was supposed to have a unity candle?" like me. :)

For the Love... said...

Me-Magnuts ring the bell



MAGNUTS-Oh, I forgot....

Anonymous said...

Yes, you will be happy and positive.

I know it.

Good luck on the check up. Boobas being felt up is NOT fun.

Stay away from the books. They are terrible resources.

Gina said...

Argh, my husband has the same thing with the socks. Annoying, isn't it?

Heather said...

You are too sweet. I also do a mean chicken dance. LOL!
I say keep up the positive attitude, don't worry about the books and drink a shot of something good right before the ceremony.
You should print off that list of positives and keep it with you at all times. Great list!

Phoenix said...

Ok, your site is trying to eat me. But I think I won.

I think that your positive side way outways the negative. On the socks, I'd just do it. And if he even notices, which I doubt, tell him it was the socks or him and you choose him.

When is the wedding by the way?

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I have a set of obnoxious neighborhood kids....UGH!

You do seem to have a lot of good things going for you! Good luck with the wedding plans!