13 May 2007

More Discussion About My Boobs

You know, I never thought my boobs would be such a topic of discussion.

I briefly mentioned earlier it wasn't cancer. Whew.

Friday morning I got so sick of waiting I called the doctors office. The receptionist put me thru to a nurse who said the results came in that morning and it looked like two significant sized cysts. One in the original spot that I found, and one in the spot the mammogram found. Which upon further poking, is quite tender. She said the doc would call me later to go over specifics.

And they did.

I have several choices.

1. go to a surgeon and get an opinon about immediately having them drained/aspirated/whatever word they used.
2. Wait three months, go in for another check and if bigger, they must be drained. If same size and still tender, should be drained. If smaller - woo hoo.
3. Continue on the vitamins and new bras. And limit caffeine.

I orignally thought I would be upset about the caffeine limitation. No...it's the new bras.

I am not a small girl up-top. Not at all. (not small anywhere really) but my boobs are ...there.

I now have to find sports bras and other non-underwire bras that basically bind them as close as possible to my body. So it looks like I have WAY smaller boobs. Easily a B/C cup. (I am a D/DD depending on who measures me). I tried traditional sports bras - you know the ones with the strap that goes up the middle of your back? Well those bastards HURT. Gave me migraines from wearing them all the time.

Now I have a cotton/spandex extreme support bra on. Partly because it does help and partly because I cannot find the one that really helps. It's one of those with five (yes FIVE) hooks up in the front and some massive ace bandage type thing across the back. I love that bra. I do. But I could only afford one right then (like 50 bucks). It's in a box or a bag somewhere. Apparantly when I finished up the packing friday morning, it just got tossed in a box...somewhere.

On a separate but related note, when I told Mark the good news about my cysts, he was so happy. When I told him the possibility of having to go get them drained, he said "Well, we will deal with it. I will take the day off and take you to the doctor. Whatever needs to be done, we will do".

I love him. I really, really do. And for him to say that stuff - sigh.... I know that's how couples are supposed to be - but I never had that before.


Jenny said...

"Hi honey. I need to get my boobs drained so they'll be smaller."

"No problem. I'll drive you to the doctor myself and not make any jokes about how I like them all big and sensitive."

You have the greatest guy every.

Anonymous said...

I've been told to cut down on caffeine too...That doctor can Bite me. :)

I'm glad you are okay.

Heather said...

Glad it's not cancer. WHEW!

Glad you have a sweet guy to say things like that to you. You really need someone like that to stand by you in times like these.

That stinks about your ring. Hope they can get it to you soon.

Stephanie said...

Love your boobs, no matter the size.

Mark does!!