13 May 2007


1. moved.
2. house is pure chaos.
3. Heard from doc on Friday afternoon. Not cancer. 2 fairly significantly sized cysts. If not smaller in 3 months have to get them drained.
4. Lost a diamond in my ring. Yeah, only engaged for a week and I must have smacked it "just right". Luckily its covered. It's at the jewelry store. Said it could be 6-8 weeks if they don't have another one of them at one of their locations. So I started to cry (1/2 fake tears, 1/2 not) and told them we were getting married in 6 weeks - thus making them either try to get from another store or try and rush it. (I really am not getting married in 6 weeks. Just tried to fake -em. I want my ring.) Whatever. I am pissed I don't have my ring. The only thing I did with it yesterday was laundry. I didn't unpack with it on or nuttin. No idea.
5. Did I mention that unpacking sucks? I didn't do a whole lot of it yesterday - Mark's mom stayed at the house with me and we did shelf papering and laundry.
6. My animals are terrified. Especially the dog. She is huge scared to go in the backyard. Because our neighbors are building a patio. The nail guns are litterally making her tremble. Breaks my heart.

Finally back online since Thursday. Good lord, withdrawals. Bad.

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Karmyn R said...

First off -WHEW! I'm so glad they are just cysts!!! good news.

Second - Official Congrats on moving in!

Thirdly - that diamond? bummer - but sounds like the jewelers fault - not yours. My ring has been banged around so much and I've NEVER lost a diamond or sapphire out of it - so I'd say it wasn't put in there properly in the first place.