01 August 2007

1:10am This Morning - **Updated**

Woke up.

Had to go potty. Had an upset stomach.

While going potty, enormous sweats came over me, fainted.

Fell face first on the tile floor.

Was out for a few seconds. (I think - hoping not more)

Screamed for Mark.

He came and got me to stand up.

Turned on the light.

Blood everywhere - all over floor, my shirt, my face, the bathroom door (don't ask me), bathroom rug.

Decided in my infinite wisdom that I should just try and sleep.

Woke up covered in more blood (so much for nice pillowcases) and trying to find an ER to treat me.

Goose-egg on my forehead, red and swollen nose, entire right side of my face hurts.

Update more later.

****UPDATED 11:00am Central time***

We got home about an hour ago from the ER. No concussion. No broken bones. A lot of swelling. SOme bruising (mostly from the goose-egg) but I am to anticipate more bruising. It's already starting around my right eye.

Am to try and keep ice on my nose (cause it's red and swollen) and I have pain pills and muscle relaxers. Seems like when I fell, all the muscles in my neck and back tensed up and I am having problems turning my neck.

Mark was fabulous. Asked all the right questions. Even asked the doctor about my migraines and did anything show on the cat-scan that might cause them.

Just took my pills. Must rest.

**1pm update***

Still in pain. Muscles NOT relaxed. Slept for 35 minutes. That's it. Bruising is getting worse. aaaahhhh.....life is so damn good.


Anonymous said...

Jesus woman!
What the hell?

Are you okay?

Please keep us posted.

For the Love... said...

OMG are you ok??????

Please let us know...

Gina said...

You poor thing!

Rest, rest and get better!

Karmyn R said...

YIKES! Rest - get better. Don't ever go to the bathroom again. YIKES!!!!

Heather said...

Did they say what might have caused you to sweat/pass out in the first place? WOW! Next time I get up in the middle of the night, I'm wearing a helmet! Man!
Hope you're okay. Here's me remedy- take a bag of frozen strawberries and hold them to the goosegg. When they are completely thawed, throw them in a blender with some rum and make a good, stiff daiquiri for yourself. The goosegg will be gone and so will much of the pain. Repeat as needed. Hope that helps!
Keep us posted on your progress.

Phoenix said...

Ahhh that's so scary. I'm glad you're okay.

Need some margaritas????? Ok, maybe not. Feel better.

Jane said...


And my doctor ordered some tests, and I wound up getting a pacemaker because MY HEART STOPPED during one of the tests! It's a "malignant syncope". Basically, fainting is dangerous for the likes of me because my heart apparently has a tendency to slow down and stop.

PLEASE, PLEASE see your regular doctor and get this checked out! You can't ignore scary stuff like this happening before your wedding!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!!!!!! That's horrible! Take care of yourself, okay? And I like heather's idea about the strawberries and the daiquiri.