16 August 2007

2 posts in one night???

I sure as hell couldn't resist.

Mark, really, may kill me for doing this. It's revenge for him and the stupid catalog discussion last night.

Have a little free time and a pic of yourself? Come on...do it....I dare ya.

Heather? ReevesFarm? MamaLee? Just do it.... Please? For me???


Karmyn R said...


I LOVE IT! The pink leotard was too much. I am so doing this to my hubby.

~JJ! said...

I am doing this right now!!!!

MamaLee said...

I swear you have lost your brain cells! THAT is funny!

I'll try to get to it later to show you. Ya NUT! xoxo

Jenny said...

Okay, this has nothing to do with this post but as you may know my mom drove 9 hours to come take care of me while hailey's been so sick and she was all "So what about Margaret? Did they find out why she fell off the toilet?" and I was all "Are you high? Who's margaret?!" And she's all "You know...your blogger friend?..Margaret?...with the fiance? Who fell off the toilet and messed up her face?"

And I'm all "MARGARET SALLY FELL OFF THE TOILET? What?! And how do you know that?!" And she said she read it on the blog and I felt like a big loser because um...what the hell? Was this during victor's surgery? How did I miss this?! And why is my mom reading blogs? (PS.She loves you.)

Anyway, I'm a loser and I'm sorry.

Oh and I passed out on the toilet once too. I wasn't even drunk.

For the Love... said...

Too funny!

Gotta find a picture that I am actually in....looking....

Gina said...

Wow! He's got some great gams!

min said...

That was great! I wish I had a hubby to humiliate like that.