16 July 2007

Need Advice from the Ladies

I moved about 30 or 40 miles from where I used to live. When I lived there, I had a fabulous general practice physician (not only a people doctor, but also a vet - how cool is that??) and a wonderful OB/GYN.

Last April I found a lump in my right breast. After tests, they (yes, multiple were found) were determined to be cysts.

So now I am about due for my yearly exam. And I am in a conundrum (I LOVE that word but not sure if I am spelling it correctly).

Do I:
1. Drive 40 miles to my old doctor - knowing that she knows my boobs and my medical history? Its not the drive that bothers me at all. Knowing that if the cysts are still there I will be referred to a surgeon in the area. Which means Mark taking me if I have to have surgery, and him driving me back 40 miles, quite probably in pain?


2. Find a new doctor here in my new neck of the woods, knowing that in the next year we plan to start trying to get pregnant? But yet start over with a new doctor? But establish me BEFORE I get pregnant (please....allow me to get pregnant easily)


I called our Nurse Help Line at my insurance company, of course, a male nurse answered and I had to have a discussion with a random male stranger about my boobs.

Any advice is extremely appreciated. My boobs and I thank you.


Heather said...

I would call the old doctor and ask for a referral in your new city. Tell him about your planning to start a family and the need you'll have for a close doctor. I would also ask them to send copies of all your records to the new doctor for you. Hope this helps!

Looney Mom said...

Ditto what Heather said. That would just simplify your life in the long run right? Good luck getting pregnant!

And I'm not sure why you're getting a "pop-up" from Hackosphere but I totally trust Ramani - he's a good guy. If you want me to remove it I can or I can just tell you what to remove. In the credits widget find this (it will have "<" and ">" instead of the brackets): [center][p][span class="pushbutton"] [a href="http://hackosphere.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"] Hackosphere[/a][/span][/p][/center]
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P.S. Sorry I've not been around much. Life has been totally nuts lately. I'll try to come around more ok?

Phoenix said...

I'd go to the doc you trust. They can be hard too come by. And if you have to have surgery, tell them to give you hard drugs for your trip home and then you won't even notice.

Heather said...

I live in the Woodlands area. What area of Houston do you live in? If you're close to the Woodlands, then I can give you a fabulous OBGYN recommendation. As much as you like your old doctor, I can tell you that driving 40 miles every time you have an obgyn appt when you're pregnant is not a lot of fun. You have to go once a week the last month. Also, I had problems during my last trimester and had to go in at least once a week for the last 2.5 months of my pregnancy. If I had to drive that much, I would have had a mental breakdown. And you probably want to have the baby in a hospital close to your home...especially since you have pets that Mark (or someone else) will need to be checking in on a couple times a day.

Gina said...

I would go to the old doc for the boob stuff, and then go about finding a new doc for the baby stuff.

Anonymous said...

Old doctor for boobies and v'jayjay...

Unless she can recommend a perfect clone of her in your new town. And transfer every word from your records over.

min said...

It is so hard to part with a good doctor because you don't know when you'll find one again.
It's important to have someone you trust for your pregnancy. I went to one that I just didn't feel comfortable with (no particular reason), so after one visit, refused to go back. I later heard horror stories about him. A referral would be great as well as checking out Heather's, but if you don't feel completely comfortable with them...keep looking.

For the Love... said...

Must say that I agree with Heather--
Maybe even go back to the old doc for the boob issue and ask then. I had to drive 2 hours to see my OB when prego with Magnuts-that stinks