16 July 2007

Discussion About Twins

My guilty pleasure when I get up on Saturday mornings is to turn on the Soap channel and watch reruns of Beverly Hills 90210. I admit it.

This past Saturday, I had it on in the gameroom as I was getting ready to go and get my nails done. Mark comes up from the kitchen with his requisite cup of coffee and....

Him: So, this is that 90210 show, right?

Me: Yes. DON'T make a rude comment.

Him: I won't.

Me: Yeah, right

Approx 2 mins elapse

Him: Hey, that's that Brandon guy, right?

Me: Yes.

Him: Did he ever get it on with that chick?

(Note, he was pointing to Shannon Doherty , who played his SISTER)

Me: No. Ick. That's his sister.

Him: Nu-uh

Me: Well, not in real life.

Him: I know THAT. They don't even look alike.

Me: They are twins

Him: They are NOT.

Me: Yes, they are. On the show. They are twins.

Him: But twins are supposed to look alike.

Me: They are fraternal twins. They are boy and girl - there is NO way for them to be identical twins.

Him: Shouldn't they look alike?

Me: Mark. This is a TV show. They are separate people. They are not even related.

Him: But they are twins.

Me: MARK.... PLEASE.... The characters are fraternal twins. You know, separate babies, separate everything.

Him: So its like a two-for-one thing?

Me: Yes, it's like Payless. Buy one, get one.

Him: Oh, ok.


For the Love... said...


My husband and I have had similar conversations...

the fourth person said...

shannon's eyes are noticeably uneven on her face. have you noticed? what do you suppose that is caused by? it's freakier than sleeping with one's fraternal twin.

Phoenix said...

Hahahahaahahaha, I love that. Payless.....ahhhhh I'm rolling here.

I so loved that show. I had no idea you could still see it.