15 July 2007

Double Jointed

Mark is double jointed in his hands.

If you hold your hand straight up (I don't know how to explain this and couldn't find images) he can bend his fingers back at least at a 90 degree angle.

He finds it very odd that I am not able to do the same.

I find it to be a tremendous amount of fun to see how far his fingers can bend back.


Phoenix said...

My toes are, but sadly not my fingers. I find it neat to watch in others as well.

Anonymous said...


Ha! Kidding!

My dad can't understand how I pick things up with my toes...he says I'm like a monkey...but he's the only one who can't do that!!!

the fourth person said...


Jenny said...

My dad is the only one in my family who *can't* do that. We consider *him* to be the freak.

Maybe Mark and I are related?

andrea said...

mn, like this?