13 July 2007

Standing by and watching a mistake

I do not often write here a lot about family stuff.

Except for stuff about my parents and their "helping" with the wedding planning (don't feel like linking back - go ahead and find it if you want).

Someone in my family is about to make a very big mistake.

So (even though he doesn't read this)....

My dear young man:

I know high school sucks. It wasn't so long ago. I do remember. It sucks. Being 17 sucks. And I know you think you can do just great in this big, giant world if you start working now.

But you are only 17. You will be officially graduated in December, but the ceremony won't be till May.

Don't go to the ceremony. I don't care about that. Just finish these last few months. August till December. You can do that.

I screwed up. I should have finished college. But I have worked hard and been very fortunate. You can do okay without a college degree. You can't go far without a high school diploma.

I know it can be hard. Your parents are the epitome of higher education. Your brother always excelled at school. You've been more of a free spirit. You just wanted to do your own thing, I remember this from the first time I saw you, when you were 3 or so months old.

Please, don't do this. Come visit us before you make that final decision. Come visit any of our family here.

I don't want you to do this. But no matter what, I will always love you.


Anonymous said...

You should tell him exactly that...I didn't finish HS either...But I did move on to college eventually....I made a big mistake back then, I could have had my master's degree 10 years sooner.

Phoenix said...

I think you should print it and mail it too him. Even if he never says a word back to you about it, it may just hold more stock than you would think. I know a lot of teens and maybe you being family, but not his parents, he may just listen.

And if not, just know he'll find his way eventually. It's not easy to be a free spirited teen in this country.