22 July 2007

Something is Buggin Me

It is 9:45pm.

I HATE my neighbors. I really, really do.

8:15pm - laying in bed, getting unwound from being out of town.

8:30 - CRASH. Neighbor kid soccer ball slamming into my garage door (our bedroom is right above our garage so my bedroom shook)

8:31 - Mark informs me that I cannot go and strangle any of the 12 of them that are playing soccer in front of our house and yelling and screaming. Something about if we say anything to them (or their parents) they may come and do worse things.

8:45 - Pool party commences next door (same ones with the party). They don't have a pool, but they play pool (like billiards) in their garage. I think whenever someone gets a ball in the pocket, they think it's the World Cup cause they scream something that sounds like "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL"

8:55 - i peek out the windows. There's not a lot of cars out there, but the screaming is getting louder and more voices. So I get nosy and go "get something from my car". There's at least 30 people in the garage. WTH???

9:00 - Army Wives starts. Aaaahhhh.....I love this show.

9:10 - More screams. Mark asks me NOT to injure any of them as being in jail hinders the whole getting married thing.

9:27pm DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG (yes, that is 4 doorbell rings). My exact words were something like "Someone is gonna die". I stomp down the stairs and I see a child about 10 years old - WHO I HAVE NEVER EVER SEEN BEFORE EVER. Mark tells me not to hurt him.

In the possibility he might ALREADY be hurt, I go to the door and look out and ask him "what do you need?"

His response....are you ready? Because I have never, ever met this kid EVER.

"Do you have any mosquito spray?"

I swear, I have never ever wanted to smack anyone. EVER.


Anonymous said...

Call the cops.

You have to give your name, but they won't tell your neighbors with the noise who called. And I have a funny feeling that you wouldn't be the first neighbors to call.


(I remember hubby calling the cops more than once for nutty neighbors like that! They'll just do a driveby for ya, esp. if it continues late!)

Praying for quiet SOON for ya over there!


Anonymous said...

Well, it seems these kids are quite at home in your home....

I'm NOT sticking up for them...Just asking...Do you think the people who lived there before you welcomed these little brats into their lives and home...and they just expect the same from you?

If they are young and dopey, they may think this is normal...

OK...I'm sorry, I didn't meant to sound like I was sticking up for them..I'm NOT!

But holy moly....what to do?

For the Love... said...

I would be worried that calling the cops might make it worse...but I would still prob. do it. You can only take so much.

Have you done the whole cleaning your gun in the front yard thing yet? Remember crazy hair and lipstick all over your face are a must for this to work. I am telling you, no one screws with the crazy gun lady.

Phoenix said...

You may need to move. :)

Special K ~Toni said...

I'm with Mama Lee- I would knock them out! Do you have mosquito spray? I don't think a jury would convict you!

Heather said...

I was going to say the same thing as mamalee. People have no respect.
My MIL lives right next door to the park and she cleans it. There were some kids there a couple of years ago in the middle of the day throwing rocks at the windows of the building trying to break them. She didn't want me to call the cops because the kids would do something to her house or yard. I went home and called them. They came and busted them and called their parents to get them at the park. It was a great scene to watch! The cops later told me that this was the first time they had run into those particular kids and if they get them the first time, they are less likely to do it again.

Gina said...

Oh man, having crappy neighbors can seriously ruin your life. I am exactly the same way with rude neighbors.

I would totally call the cops! It has worked for me in the past!

Jessica said...

Is it wrong that my first thought was that you should have said yes and given them mace? So I would never every actually do that or advocate someone else doing so, but it WAS my first thought! ;)

Gloria said...

If you use the mosquito spray, you can argue self-defence. *grin* On a serious note though, calling the cops is not a bad idea. Or maybe you could just walk over and have a polite talk with your neighbour about their rowdy kids.

Shuttle Mom said...

Have a friendly chat with the parents. My hubby and kids are all musicians. We had no neighbors for 8 yrs and when they did start building we introduced ourselves and informed them of our lifestyles. We have an agreement not to play after certain hours and if during those hours they need us to quiet down, we do so. They give a lot of parties and do likewise for us. This has worked for 3 yrs, so far so good.

Jenny said...

You should have been like "Oh yes! Let me get some mosquito spray for you!" and sprayed him down with sugar water.

AJsMom said...

Mark is so much nicer than I am. He would not have been able to stop me from doing some permanent damage to someone.

min said...

How about putting a bunch of caution tape around your yard and erecting a sign that says "property condemned due to viral meningitis outbreak". They'd have to get shots, but it would keep them at a distance.