22 July 2007

Frickin AND Frackin' Tired

We are now home. Sigh... my suitcase is sitting...filled with our dirty clothes.

We went and saw where we are getting married. Absolutely beautiful. It's off of a county road so in the summertime it's fairly busy, but in October it should be nice. Only bad part - when I walk down the stairs from our room to the paved walkway and meet up with my dad, we will have to walk down a small (rather steep) hill with no paving whatsoever. NONE. Ummm...yeah. Should be fun.

We went and ate where we are having our wedding dinner. It was quite yummy. Beautiful place. They are giving us a private room which is filled with dark oak everywhere and stairs up to another private room (which we won't use) but will be beautiful for pictures.

We then drove to Austin (north Austin - about 50 miles away) and got a motel room there. We were planning on trying to see a baseball game but we got there just too late.

So we went and hung out with some of Mark's friends. Mark played with them in a band years ago. Lots of music (loud) and then Shawn pulled out the acoustic guitar and played a song he had written. He asked what we were doing for music for the wedding. HAH. Nothing. :)

So he volunteered to write us a song or to sing a song that we picked. SInce Mark loves loud rock music and that really doesn't do a lot to signify love, I picked one of my favorite lovey songs. After enduring MUCH making fun of, Shawn finally started to play along with a YouTube of it. He sounded quite good. Even though he started comparing it to Bruce Hornsby or that Walkin' In Memphis song. Whatever. He'll do it for us.

Around 10'ish, I was tired. Mark wasn't. He ran me back to the hotel and went back to hang w/ them. He came back around 1 or so saying "They are watching Empire Strikes Back". At 1 in the morning. 40'something year old men. Sigh.....

Mark and I had one fight/bicker session/tiff/"why am I marrying such an incredibly dense and non-understanding man" moment. All about wedding flowers. Seriously. He wants me to get the flowers the day before in Houston and "hope" they make it overnight. Ppppbbbbbtttttt..... NO.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous place to get married!!!!!

Looks fun.

Those fights happen. I wonder why? Over silly things.

Heather said...

I love that song. Great choice! Men know nothing about flowers. Period.

Gina said...

Ahhh, October weddings are so pretty! Ours was supposed to be in Oct. but someone had already rented the place, so we settled for the first weekend in Nov.