20 July 2007

Bad couple of days - long, long post.

It's just been a rotten few days.

I work from 6:45 till 4:30 during the week. I get every other Friday off (today) and on Fridays I have to work, I get off an hour early. So that's kinda nice.

Wednesday I got home and was too tired to cook, ate a PB&J and passed out before 8:30pm.

yesterday I had to work at a company job fair (me being in Recruiting and all that). That job fair went till after 8pm. So I went from 6:30 (arrived early) till 8:15pm. Long damn day. I got home at 8:45 and ate a handful of chips, went up to the office and had to do some work from home (cause, you know, I hadn't worked enough all damn day) and then passed out on the couch in the gameroom at 10'ish. Slept till 11, crawled into bed. Fell back asleep literally in the middle of removing my earrings. I woke up a few minutes later and still had one in my hand.

Today, being my "off" Friday - I actually had a crap load to do. Started at 7:00am when I had to get some work done. Until 9:30. Then I left and took dog to the groomer for her first shaving (pictures later, I am sure). Went and picked up my wedding dress and found out they also did dyeable shoes. Got those. Oh - and they dont know where the wrap is for my dress but hey, it's here at least...right?

Right after that, I realized I had zero caffiene so far and started feeling the familiar feeling of a migraine coming on. SHIT. Rushed home, ate something, and took my medicine. Last pill. It better work. Laid down on the couch and rested. Unfortunately, my work cell phone rang about 18 times.

Dog groomer called. Time to get her. Laughed my ass off when I saw her and then realized how the medicine pretty much didn't work.

Dropped her off at the kennel where she's being boarded for 2 nights. Stopped at Walgreens and got refills of both medicines. One only had 6 pills left (60 bucks thank you) and the other had 12 (43.50 thank you). A hundred bucks and 18 pills later, I am on my way home.

Came home. Crawled in bed with ceiling fan on high and AC cranked WAY down. Couldn't find my ice pack (yes, it was in the freezer. apparantly migraines cause me to not comprehend anything and didn't realize I should have moved something to see it) and called Mark sobbing that I was having a brain tumor attack. He didn't answer so his voice mail heard that lovely message.

Hour later - and took second pill. Called Mark again (on his cell phone) and he didn't answer (come to find out, he was in Walmart with no cell reception).

He finally got home and offered (loudly - which about resulted in his death) to make dinner. He made french bread pizza (nearly burnt - sssshhhh don't tell) and soup. He was so proud.

I have not been out of bed since I crawled in here except to pee.

Tomorrow, we are off to New Braunfels to see this place we picked to get married. Cause that might be a good idea. And to eat at the restaurant where we are taking everyone. Cause that too, might be a good idea.

And yes, medicine is starting to work. A mere 8 hours later.


melrose said...

You poor baby - I hope you feel much better, and that the headache didn't return and ruin your weekend.

Please give a report on The Firefly Inn. I've had my eye on that place for a while. I gotta get out of this place for a weekend soon! Which suite did you stay in?

Phoenix said...

Oh honey, I hope you feel better soon.

Sweet of him to make dinner, not so nice on the loudness. He'll learn though, I'm sure.

Medications are so freaking expensive. My allergy meds cost me 110 a month...and I have insurance.

Anonymous said...

Jeez. I hope you feel better...Traveling with a migraine ain't pretty.

Reeves said...

Yuck...hope you are feeling better...can't imagine a trip feeling like that.

TxGambit said...

Oh sweetie, that is awful! I hate migraines. Hugs!

I hope you have a better time than you did week. That Inn looks sooo adorable!