22 January 2007

Twinge and Twitch

Migraines are absolutely friggin miserable. and why can't medical science find a cure? Or at least find out why they happen?

I mean, I know that medical science knows that blood vessels expand and blood rushes up there. And there are medicines that can help. But why cant people make them NOT happen?

So I felt the twinge in my neck and my eye started twitching while I was at the Social Security Office. It was also about 83 degrees in there. Lots of kids. A very mean cop who was yelling at the lots of kids. One poor girl (and she couldn't have been much over 21) had two kids - one was about 2 and the other was about 10 months old. The two year old wasn't in the mood to be there. Wanted to play and run. Not wait in line. I tried to entertain her (keep in mind - the twinge in my neck and twitch in my eye were slowly getting stronger). Even gave the little girl a pen and paper to color. The mom literally was holding her son and picking this child up by the upper arm. I envisioned her shoulder popping out of socket. She was so rambunctious that someone came from the back, asked the lady if she wanted to come back and take care of her next and NO ONE complained about them jumping ahead of line. I did feel bad - she had told me she had spent all morning at wherever you go to get proof of county aide and now was at the Social Security office.

So anyways, as I was driving home, the twinge and the twitch slowly got worse. I drove home with my sunglasses on (really overcast out) and was rubbing my neck as I drove. Called Walgreen to get a refill of my migraine medicine. Turns out my doc prescribed 8 pills each month. Insurance covers 6 pills per month - so it throws everything at Walgreens outta whack. Oh - and did I mention that 6 pills cost 60 bucks???????? So I can take 2 pills per day. Have already taken 1. Migraine doesn't get better, I can take 1 more (will be shortly). So in a period of 4 hours, I have used 1/3 of my monthly allowance of pills.

Twinge and Twitch got worse. Ended up just shutting my left eye as I drove. Came home, ate dinner, sucked down a coke, took a pill. Put ice pack on my neck. Took off my glassesPassed out from exhaustion of pain. Woke up. Called Mark. Went back and forth about the house versus another one. About to take another pill.

Yeah, life is good.

Oh and i know this is a sucky post. Oh well.


min said...

You little bugger!!! When did you get a blog?? I'm so happy! I have always thought that you should be a writer--don't know why--I just get these feelings.
Sorry, about the migraines. I have a good friend who gets them and begs me to call Dr. Kevorkian each time one comes on.
Blog away!

Stephanie said...

Whoa! Thanks for your sweet wishes yesterday!

Oh, and I get the lousy migraines, too. Although, thank God!, I haven't had one since Bethany was born. Yet.

When I get them I usually take 4-5 OTC ibuprofen (200mg each) and go to bed. It's the only way for me.

I really hope you get better soon! And I really hope, for both of us, that medical science comes to our rescue!!