08 July 2007

My Darling Neighbors Part II

i recently wrote of the fireworks extravaganza my neighbors have been having. Finally, last night, we had no fireworks. Note, these fireworks were being set off by lots of people on my street.

But last night...yeah....last night wins.

My next door neighbors are from Bosnia. I have nothing against anyone from anywhere. Really, I don't. I do have a problem when you force me into your culture at 11pm, 12 midnight, 1am and 1:30am.

Have you ever been to a greek wedding? I haven't. Hell, I haven't even seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding. But I do know there is a lot of dancing, yelling, clapping and throwing of plates.

My neighbors had something like that last night.OK, they didn't throw plates. But they did chant along with music, clapped, danced, screaming, chanting, screaming, loud music... I finally succumbed to sleeping pills at 1:30am.

Is it possible to completely soundproof your house? Cuz I am all about that.


Robert said...

Ugggg--That would drive me nuts. The lack of sleep and general annoyance could turn the whole thing into an episode made for Cops.

Jenny said...

My neighbors before Stephanie moved in were like that. I recommend playing hillbilly music at top levels until they get it.

Or better yet, go over and join them. They probably had good drinks.

Phoenix said...

I don't think you can completly sound proof your house, but dam I wish I could do it too.