07 July 2007

Busy Weekend

I have had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off of work.

We have seen Transformers (his idea - not mine - I actually enjoyed it), Die Hard Part IV (my idea - not his - we both enjoyed it) and quite a few movies at the house: Borat (pretty good), Punch Drunk Love (I have never seen it before and am so confused) and now some stupid Matrix type movie that's not Matrix. Keep in mind, I iddn't like Matrix (and never saw any of the following ones).

I went to lunch with my best friend and the darling baby boy.

Mark and I have had some busy time around the house. Trying to finish unpacking (seriously - is it ever done? EVER??), working in the yard (him more than me), organizing the garage, etc.

But today? Yeah, best day ever.

I went to Home Depot to try and find some shelving for the garage. Picked out some, along with a fertilizer spreader, fertilizer, etc. WEnt to the check out lane and had 2 large shelving units. The checker dude (Dillon) scanned one and everything else. I expected him to hit some button to charge me twice for the shelf. He didn't.

Me being the honest one that I am said "Ummm... you didn't charge me for the second unit". He said "that's a 2 piece set". I said "i don't think so". He said "yes, ma'am, it is".

Oh, ok. I tried to tell you. And I am way not old enough to be a ma'am. So....

Now I have a FREE $43.95 set of shelves!!!!

I rock. Yeah, I do.

When I got home, Mark was not nearly as excited as I. He just stared at me.

About an hour later he proclaimed me the most pitiful woman he knows. Because I was tired of doing stuff. So whenever I did anything, I told him what I did and proclaimed I needed a break. All the while he is working his ass off. But you know putting that empty box in the garage as trash is hard work dammit.

Did I mention I love Dillon and the fact he gave me free shelves?


Anonymous said...

I love free stuff...even if its unintentional.

Heather said...

Woo Hoo for you!!! I am all for free shelves (or anything for that matter). You tried your best to tell him, but no sense in going overboard if he's going to just give them to you.
I'm tired of doing stuff, too. :o)