07 July 2007

My Darling Neighbors

Today is Saturday, July 7, 2007.

I was nice when you started lighting off firecrackers a day or two early. I was extremely understanding when you lit them off until after midnight on July 4th. I was nice that you had a few leftovers and lit them off the night after.

But last night was July 6th.


Seriously - STOP. IT. NOW.

Oh, and pick up your trash/remnants from the street.


For the Love... said...

I'mmmmmmm Baaaaaacccckkkk!!!

So, need me to come over and teach your neighbors a little lesson?!?

Heather said...

Okay, did Mr. Havenosense's brother move in next door to you? I'd be livid about the past midnight thing.

Anonymous said...

fireworks out my back door as I type.

Dog is howling.

I understand.

Have some wine with me!