25 July 2007

Mindless Ramblings

It's been a wierd few weeks/days/years/whatever.

Yes, I have a lot of good stuff going. Great stuff. FABULOUS stuff. Bought a house. GEtting married, etc, etc.


Yesterday (actually Monday afternoon) my car window broke (not the glass but the motor that makes it go up and down broke) and that cost 500 bucks. 500 FRICKIN BUCKS. Then they told me I need about 1200 more bucks worth of work done. HAHAHAHAH. Screw you. My car is in need of becoming part of one of those lots where cars go to die (can't think of the word). We are now looking for a new car. WEll, a pre-owned one. That should start in earnest this next weekend.

We now have more people planning on coming to the wedding than we anticipated. The room holds X number of people. We are currently at X + 3. (including us).

Not particularly happy at the new job.

Mark has been having problems sleeping so he ends up in the guest room becuase apparantly I snore (which I don't, I just breathe heavy DAMMIT)

My dog (I need to post her pictures of her haircut) seems to finally have grasped the whole "fetch" thing but wants to do it constantly.

I have clothes I have to iron tomorrow for another frickin job fair and I am too tired to do it.

Someone said today "You aren't taking a honeymoon?? What, can you not afford it?" OK, Asshole. NO. Mark will be under a huge deadline for work. We are staying in New Braunfels for 2 days and that's it. It's either we did it then or wait till January, which is NOT acceptable for me. And isn't that a little personal and rude? Shithead.

I have not figured out the winning numbers for the lottery. I need that.


Anonymous said...

That happened to my window once. Luckily it was a lease and they fixed it for nothin'.

Why didn't you kick the ass who asked about your honeymoon? I would have.

For the Love... said...

That guy was a total asshat-no home training.

My honeymoon was really special-after we left the justice of the peace we headed for the Super 8-no shite. Oh yeah-sexy. 13 years later and it is just funny.

Jessica said...

The window thing SUCKS! May I suggest Carmax for your new to you car? We bought our last car from there and we had such a great experience. The sales people get the same commission whether they sell you a $10,000 car or a $40,000 car, so they are more interested in getting you the right car for you, than trying to get you to spend more money. Plus, they do tons of tests to make sure that all of the cars they sell are in great shape. I love it, and will definitely go back for my next new to me car.

I love New Braunfels. I'm actually jealous of your honeymoon. My honeymoon was also special. After WE left the justice of the peace, we went to IHOP, then we went back to his mom's house, where we lived while we looked for an apartment.

Phoenix said...

Dude, what an asshole. Like it's any of anyones business.

On the sleeping thing, maybe Mark should try earplugs. May take a while to get used too, but it may help him sleep in the same room as you. I started doing it years ago with a boyfriend who DID snore and now I can't sleep without them.

Sorry about the car. My theory is when it's starting to cost you three months payment to fix things, it's time to get a new one....or a newish one. Good luck.

Heather said...

If you figure out those numbers, kindly pass them along to me. Thanks a bunch.
I love how people think they can ask you anything or assume whatever they want when you do something differently than they would. I say that's the person you cut from the guest list!
I also breathe heavily in my sleep... to the point of waking myself up. LOL!

nikki said...

When you figure out the winning lottery numbers, can you pass some on my way? My husband is the snorer in the family and he sonds like a friggin freight train!

Gina said...

What a complete idiot that guy was. We had a "mini-moon" of only two days because Hubba-hubba was in law school at the time.

You've got a lot on your plate right now, it sounds like. I hope things work out perfectly for you.

Jenny said...

Honeymoons are overrated. You're both exhausted anyway. Go for a week somewhere spectacular on your anniversary.

Somewhere like the next Blogher convention.

Oh and Amy Sedaris...she's an amazing, snarky author, she wrote and starred in Strangers with Candy with Steven Colbert and she's David Sedaris's sister. You *will* love her.