13 October 2007

And you thought my boobs would never be mentioned again

Remember my boobs?

Today we were leaving our friendly grocery store. I was being the good citizen that I am and putting back the cart in the cart holder place.

I felt this feeling on my neck. Brushed my hand up and barely saw something fly down my shirt. Toward. My. Boobs.

I shrieked and then felt this sharp....ouch type feeling. Like a burn but not quite.

Yelled for Mark (who was getting in the car) and was smacking at my chest.

Got into the car and pulled down my shirt. Sure enough, I have a welp and an obvious bite mark on my boob. Intense burning and overall, just not a comfortable feeling.

Mark is in "don't panic, Margaret" mode and telling me to go upstairs when we get home and put alcohol on it. Said "it's a mosquito" (No, jerkface), "or a dragonfly" (now you are being silly), "Or a Madasgar Hissing Flying Cockroach" (I don't find you funny).

About 1/2 block from my house, I have this feeling on my chest. YOu know, between the boobs at the bottom of the bra? So I peek.

HOLY CRAP.... it's a bug! IN BETWEEN MY BOOBS!!!!!!!!

So I scream and reach down and fling it out. Onto Mark (who's driving). He screams like a little girl. (hee hee hee) We get to the driveway and I fling myself out of the car, greet my neighbor and her daughter. Mark gets out of the car and sure enough...it was a BEE.

I have managed to get bit ON THE BOOB by a BEE!!!! (Boobie - hee hee hee)

We did not notice till now that I have a bite on my neck (that initial feeling) and it matches quite nicely with my boob-bee bite.

Go ahead....start the puns and jokes. I am ready. Bring It On....

Lots of love,



Robin said...

Well, for heaven's sake, woman, did you ask him to kiss it???

Cute, reeeaal cute (I could so visualize the whole scene).

melrose said...

Don't bee a boob about your bite - have hubby take care of it for you.

Okay, that was lame.

Stephanie said...

That ain't right. None of it.

As a sister in bodacious boobishness, I can guarantee that the last thing either of us needs is SWOLLEN boobs.

Cup size HHHH, here you come.

That ain't right.

I'm prayin' for ya.

min said...

I've been just loving your pictures. Wedding, honeymoon...but where are the photo s of your boobie sting?

Jane said...

Sorry I don't have any snappy comebacks about this one...but I love the mental images it brings.


TxGambit said...

No witty comment but just hugs and support. OUCH!

Boob-bee.... *giggle, giggle, snort*

Jenny said...

Well at least he suffered to.

That'll take the sting out of it.

Tami W. said...

Dear Boo Bee,

Sorry to hear that you got stung, but aren't you glad that if this had to happen it happened after your wedding instead of before? It would have made for a sad honeymoon.

Lucky for the bee it wasn't me who he wanted to sting. He could have spent hours in my blouse and never found any place to land!

Phoenix said...

I'm not laughing, I swear.

Well maybe I am, but mostly that you called yourself Boo Bee.

hahahahah boobee.

Oh I think I may be a 12 year old some days.

Anonymous said...

Boob Bee. HA That is funny!

I'd laugh out loud but I can't open my mouth!

Would you settle for a small chuckle?

Did it swell? Gah!