15 October 2007

Rain Rain

Go the shit away.

2 hours, 58 minutes to go 32 miles.

Next time, don't start raining at 3:30 when I leave work at 4:30. Please rain between 7:45 and be done by 3:30. or between the hours of 7pm and 4am. Plenty of time for it to clear out before I leave for work in the morning.

Thank you, Mother Nature. I have only read like 3 blogs today, commented on 1. Answered a trivia contest on one. That's it.

And if Mark asks me when we are starting thank you notes, he will regret it.

Oh - and you bimbos on the Bachelor? You are BIMBOS. You did NOT fall in love with a guy when he was sucking face with another woman 2.4 seconds previous to you. Get some self-respect. Shut the hell up.

Thank you for "listening".

Oh, and YES I still am boob-bee. Now I am paranoid about the stinger being stuck inside. I have no idea how to tell that. Bee stinger in my boob. Grrrreeeaaaattttttttt......


For the Love... said...

Well Helloooo there Margaret...tell us how you really feel. Cracking me up and that is hard to do this early in the morning.

Gina said...

Ooooh, condolences on the unfortunate placement of the sting. I think, though, that you would know if that sucker was still in there.