16 October 2007

My Evening

9:16pm - chatting on IM with a new blogging friend (kinda IRL, but IM IRL). I've read her blog forever and we started IM'ing. I think we are long lost sisters or relatvies or cousins or at least third cousins twice removed.

9:35 - done IM'ing, computer off and I decide I need a drink of water.

9:38 - drinking cold water with ice in a cup with a straw (I'm fancy) and notice the light blinking on my phone. It's my boss. Who called me at 9:16.

9:39 - debate whether to return the call after listening to the voice mail saying "you don't have to call me back but if you can - please do"

9:40 - continue above step. Open phone. Start to dial number. Close phone. Repeat process 3 times.

9:41- call boss. Go over everything for huge project at work

10:12 - conversation ends

Can anyone explain to me what the hell is wrong with me? Why did I make that return call?


Let's start a fun game:

# of thank you notes written: NONE.
# of thank you notes needing to be written: 15 (Another reason why I am THRILLED i had a small wedding)
# of relatives who are offended by not receiving immediate thank you notes: Countless
# of free hours in the day not counting work, sleep and dinner: None.

Any suggestions?


For the Love... said...

I do it too...I will find a message from someone who I KNOW will want to chit chat and will be impossible to get off the phone with...and I return it. For my next trick I will shove bamboo under my nails!

Anonymous said...

You so do NOT owe immediate thank you notes. Fark 'em is what I say.

Are you adding a picture to it. Use that excuse..the photos aren't ready yet.

Anonymous said...

You have a YEAR to get those thank you cards out, although I suggest that you don't wait fmore than a few months. But they can go pound sand.

I can't stand when people get that way. YOU direct this show, so YOU ride the ride and sing the song. Everyone else can find their patience panties and hush.

So there. xoxo

Tami W. said...

Mamalee beat me to it...but Dear Abby says that you have one year to get your thank you card written. And there is no law that says that the one with the uterus is the one that MUST write the thank you cards. Get hubby to write them. (it's just a suggestion!)

Phoenix said...

Pay someone else to do them?

My relatives are pissy like that too. I think as long as you send them out, they should be okay with it. But I also know it doesn't work like that with most family.

Gina said...

Make Mark write the notes.


Don't tell him where I live, k?

min said...

Put a general "Thank-you" on the blog. If they don't read it...not your fault. (I'm really tacky that way).

Jason said...

Well, I would say write them and be done with them.