12 September 2008

Dear Ignoramuses & New people I hate.

Those of you that thought you could ride out Ike while LIVING on Surfside (right near Galveston) - You are ignorant. You are dumb.

And now you are risking police officer and fire fighter lives because of your ignorance.

Calling 911 after your home is surrounded by water proves your ignorance.

Also - for the person who wrote into the local news and said they saw their neighbor CHAINING their dog to a tree as they EVACUATED - thank you for saving that dog's life.

For the person who actually DID that? Screw. You.

I really do hate you.

I know its a strong word, but I don't care. hate, hate, hate, you, you, you.


Mary said...

Seriously, people are such morons!
I hope you guys are safe :)

Bree said...

Please stay safe, girlie girl. xoxo

TxGambit said...

Totally agree. But I also have to think.... My parents stayed on Galveston Island for Carla and all survived.

My mom even told me they had gone to a shelter but decide to go home during the eye because the shelter was just crazy. They lived on 25th street and you can see the Flagship from their yard. They were very close to the beach.

But this one is suppose to have more of a surge, I believe, than Carla did.

At any rate, stay safe!!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Checking in to see how you fared...