15 September 2008

Things we discovered during Hurricane Ike

1. We hosted 2 families when our power came back on damn quick (w/o power less than 12 hours) - our house is NOT child proofed for a 2 year old.
2. Our dog has about a 46 hour tolerance for a 2 year old (she got soooooo tired b/c of the extra people and pets that right as they were packing to leave, she warned the 2 year old often when he got too close).
3. Having people over is stressful
4. I'm damn tired.
5. When people bring food over to your house b/c they have power, often they are just using your fridge for storage - it's not a free for all for the food in the fridge. The homeowners stuff is free-for-all, but if you are a visitor, marking your stuff w/ your initials so no one takes any of it is apprantly OK. (NOTE: Only ONE family did this).
6. Your dog sleeps non-stop after company leaves.
7. Your cat will remain pissed off for a while.
8. I am damn tired.
9. We are so blessed when I see those who lost more than we did. Even driving down the main road outside our neighborhood, I saw power poles that had fallen on people's back fences and were leaning against people's houses. The power lines draped in their back yard.
10. I miss regular TV. Haven't seen it since Thursday (Yes, we have cable but I'm talking network TV)

11. I am so damn tired.


Heather said...

Sorry you had sucky house guests, but I'll bet it earned you some big brownie points with The Big Guy! I'm glad you were able to host people rather than having to find someplace to go.
We had the remaining winds here last night and it was nothing compared to what you guys had to deal with. That's all I could think about as I picked stuff up in our yard this afternoon.
Chin up, doll! Sounds like a good excuse for a long nap. :o)

Bree said...

I'm glad you made it thru without a lot of damage or stress.


Bree said...

I mean NAP! (Not a glass of wine, that I apparently had...)

Badness Jones said...

I'm just glad you're okay.

Sorry about the houseguests!

I'm sure your doggie will do much better with his own 2-year old. Now go take that nap.

The Laundress said...

You are such a good friend.

Margaret (the Misanthrope) said...

Ok, I totally messed up my comment - hope it doesn't show up twice, sorry.

Anyway, I second The Laundress - you are a great friend. Having people over is stressful for me too, never mind hosting 2 families in the middle of a hurricane! I admire your generosity and spirit of friendship.

And, amid your post-Ike cleanup, thanks so much for taking time to visit my blog! It's very new, and I am learning as I go. I'll try to keep the posts coming and continue to play with the header, sidebar, all that fun stuff :-) Get some rest, I hope the post-Ike recovery is going OK.

Tami W. said...

So Margaret,

Are you tired?