11 September 2008

We have begun

To hunker down.

Ike is on his way.


We have water, canned food, batteries, candles, etc.

Things that won't work if the power goes out:

tv (and corresponding dvd players), internet, laptop (after a while), my nintendo ds (after a while) and my brand new wii (which I love).


Ike - go easy on us, k?


Badness Jones said...

You've just made a storm that we just see on the news....that's so far away....seem very real and very scary to me. You'll be in my thoughts tonight, and everyone around you. I hope it goes easy on everyone.


Gina said...

Stay safe!

The Laundress said...

See if you lived in NY, things like this wouldn't happen...*snort*

Stay safe...Thinking of you.

Heather said...

We're watching on the news and hope you all stay safe! Hope Ike went easy on you. Can't wait to hear from you that everything is okay and that you are playing your Wii in no time! :o)