27 May 2008

Why I shouldn't watch TV during the day

I was home sick today. Yesterday, as we were driving home, I noticed that familiar eye twitch and ache in my shoulder/neck. A sure sign I am about to get a migraine.

Around 9, it got worse. I am trying to be so good about not taking any medicine at all so I sucked it up. I took a hot shower and fell asleep.

I woke up around 1, 2:30 and 4 (I love this constant peeing thing) and realized there was NO way I would make it to work today. Hurt way too much.

I stayed home, slept off and on.

Sometime today, there was a show on TLC or something about Bringing home your new baby. The first episode was great - they prepared the nursery, family was there, etc....

Second episode - the couple saw no reason to really prepare for the baby. I kid you not. That was (as close as I remember) to their exact words. They said all you needed was some diapers and some onesies. Grrrr... Ok. Fine. That irritated me a bit, but whatever.

Next thing you know, they are talking about something called a spinal headache or an epidural headache. What in the hell is this? Why has this never been mentioned before? This is not in any book that I have seen so far. I googled it and really had to dig to find it.

This woman (who, yes, saw no reason to buy anything more than some diapers and some onesies - and yes, they ended up with a stroller and with boppy pillow) literally could NOT sit up without being in extreme pain. She had problems nursing the baby. Her significant other/guy/fellow not-preparer had to go and buy her a bed pan.

Could someone please explain to me what in hell a spinal headache/epidural headache is?

I was all about an epidural (thanks to the encouragement of my doctor) until learning of this phenomenon.

Yes, I know I have 200 some odd days until I have to worry about this, but in my mind, that's 200 some odd days to worry about this.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I should not watch TV during the day when I am home sick.


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

You are gonna hate me, but I am finding your preggo posts so cute! (I get told I am cute daily, and I KNOW how irritating it is, so I really apologize!)
I am remembering what it was like the first time I was pregnant as I read. Love!
I have heard of the epidural headache although I have never experienced it.
There are numerous possible side effects, but you have to try to just not think about them.
I only had an epi once, and only because I was pretty much forced to, cuz I was scared to death of the side effects. It was amazing. I loved it. I really wanted one last time too, but I had a terrific nurse who was so encouraging and guided me through without it.
I had awful migraines through most of my pregnancies, but thankfully this time they abated by the end of the first trimester. I hope yours do too.
Take care and feel well!

The Laundress~JJ! said...


DO NOT watch any of those baby shows and I suggest you steer clear of those stupid what to expect books too.

There are many reactions/side effects you can have to an epidural. Just like you can have a reaction to medication or drinking too much coffee....Don't think about it. You'll lose your ever lovin' mind!

After you give birth, you can watch those shows...but never read those stupid books. Too much expectation and not enough of YOUR reality.

AJsMom said...

My hubby and I were hooked on watching all of those TV "baby shows" while I was pregnant. We also read every book we could get our hands on. We felt like we were being very responsible and planning for everything...yeah, you know how THAT worked out for us! And my doctor got really mad at me and told me to NEVER watch those idiotic shows...

Catazon said...

Well, I didn't care about the side effects when I had an epidural, but I listened closely when I had a spinal tap a few weeks ago. Seems that when they mess around back there, sometimes your spinal fluid can leak, and this will cause you to have the worst headache of your life within 24 hours. My emergency room doc said it's easy to fix, but you will be in unbearable pain until you get back to the hospital. Thank God he did the job right the first time.

Yeah, the shows freaked me out too, when I was on bed rest for the last few weeks.

Jenni said...

Just one more thing to worry about that you cannot control. Don't watch the baby shows. I coudn't watch them until after our baby arrived. Everyone is different and reacts differently to pregnancy and childbirth.

I've heard of the epi headache, but didn't have it myself. I did have some lingering back pain for a few months which I was told was related to the epidural. No biggie, though.

You will be fine...but really, don't watch those shows!!

shuttle mom said...

STOP WATCHING THOSE SHOWS! I've given birth 7 times and it scares the pooh out of me watching them.
Relax. You are going to do just fine.