28 May 2008

Pardon Me....

Do you happen to have a good mac and cheese recipe?

one that involves Velveeta? (Not necessary but it just sounds good)

A tried and true recipe? One you don't mind sharing?




shay said...

Are the cravings setting in fast and furious?
I cant stomach the mac and cheese so sorry, no help here. I'm sure google will help though.

Good luck!

swampy said...

OH Yeah ! I have a "recipe" for you ! It comes in a box ! Kraft Mac & Cheese with a can of Velveeta tucked neatly inside. Follow the instructions on the box. How's that?

shuttle mom said...

Swampy has already given you my favorite. I also have seen a mac and cheese recipe inside the box of Velveeta, but I haven't tried it.