29 May 2008

Get Ready To Start Rolling Your Eyes

Because the pictures have started.

Thanks to a pulled muscle in my back, I ended up at the doctor's office today just to be checked.

My back was in such severe pain down by my left kidney that I called them right after lunch. The triage nurse told me to come in right away just to be seen. The Doc thought it was most likely a muscle pull, but decided to go ahead and do an ultrasound just to make sure.

Of course, Mark wasn't there (this was compeltely unexpected appointment) but we called him on my cell phone so he could hear the heart beat (an "excellent" 188 beats per minute) and the tech took our baby's first picture!

About the size of a large grape or small strawberry - our baby seems to be doing just fine! "Kidlet" was very wiggly and squirmy. "Kidlet" did not care for the poke of the ultrasound wand - every time he/she was poked to be photographed, he/she wiggled to try and get away!! In the pic, you will see him/her laying on his/her tummy. Head is over to the left, one arm is up by their face, and you can see one of the legs down on the right.

We will know more in 2 weeks when we go back for our first "official" appt to hear the heart beat, and Mark should get to see Kidlet live and in action then.

I just realized my last name is in the photo. I have no idea how to blur that out.

Now everyone can know what my long-ass-last-name is. :)


p.s. - Holy crap, I am confused.


Mary said...

Wasn't it so amazing watching YOUR baby on the ultrasound!?!
(he/she looks cute already!)

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I am so happy that everything is alright and excited for you that you got to have the ultrasound! So exciting.
And I am confused about Aiken procreating too. weird.

Tami W. said...

So how is your back? Are you ok?

Your baby picture is wonderful and no one is going to roll their eyes at you. (or if they do I will find them and type them a letter ALL IN CAPS!)

What I don't understand about the Clay Aiken thing..is why would anyone want to have his child if they weren't in love with him. He's unattractive...does she really want a baby that looks like him?

Phoenix said...

That is one cute baby. ;)

It's so much more real when you see a tiny picture.

Jenni said...

Congrats! What a cutie!! :)

I probably wouldn't have even noticed your last name until you mentioned it! I did notice you go to the same OB/GYN office as me. I had two little ones delivered by Dr. A there!

shay said...

The first picture always made the whole thing feel real to me.

Hopefully your back feels better!

The Laundress~JJ! said...

Love Love Love Love that kidlet.

Hope you are well.

Kokopelli said...

Using Windows Explorer you should find "Paint" a program in your Accessories folder that will let you paint over JPGs.

By the way, "Ludwig" seems like a pretty good choice now.

shuttle mom said...

YAY! First baby pics! Those ultra sounds still amaze me. He is so tiny and yet you can really see see him. Yep, I'm putting in my bet right now that it's a boy. Just please give him a short first and middle name. ;)
p.s. I'm only 50/50 in guessing the gender of babies. Hubby called each one of ours correctly so he's at 100%.

Amy said...

I just got the goose bumps. This is awesome stuff!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I can not believe you put a picture of your child on the internet along with your last name! Are you insane?!

Oh wait. I do that all the time.

Cute kid, my friend.

Avonlea said...

Yay!! First baby pic! I emailed the first ultrasound to my parents when I had it, and they just couldn't "see" the baby in it. I had to draw arrows and outlines on it so they could see it. :-)

I hope that you doctor's office has 3-D ultrasound. I wouldn't have gone to a specific 3-D baby picture place, but I was glad I got a few 3-D pics from my doctor's office. Little Bit's face and distinctive mouth were so obvious from that first 'real' 3-D pic.