26 May 2008

Disappointments and Other Stuff

#1 - While in the Hill Country, we decided to go into Austin and visit my nephew. We went to a world-famous bbq joint (been rated by many places for best bbq beef) My first time being there. It frickin' sucked. Bad.

See, I have this thing about sending food back. Am afraid they will spit on it. But this brisket was so frickin nasty. My nephew's - nice and lean - NO FAT. Mine - you couldn't bite into it - too much fat to even tear it away.

Severely disappointed.

#2 - I live in Texas. It's a frickin' sauna here. This weekend in the Hill Country, it was a zillion degrees - IN THE SHADE. I am now, more than ever, completely incapable of dealing with the heat. Completely. I was an absolute grouch. Covered in sweat and grouchy. I sweat from places I didn't know I had sweat glands.

#3 - I was very glad to see on my BabyCenter.com update this week that apparantly my moodiness is "normal". It says from week six to week 10 is usually the peak. Then it tapers down until the end of the pregnancy.

I give Mark all the credit in the world for dealing with me. Really. Moodniess is not the most appropriate word for me lately.

#4 - Damn....I REALLY wanted some good bbq brisket the other day. Jerks.

#5 - When I get REALLY aggravated, I start to really notice things. For example, we went to see Indy Jones the other night. A woman and her daughter sat next to me. Not sure of the daughter's age - but I'd guess around 11 or 12. The mom was ever so sweet in that she explained EVERY single thing that happened in the movie. About halfway through the movie, I started counting times she said something. I was at 83 when the movie ended. I tried to do the "look over and glare" but it did nothing. And I couldn't say anything because I would have said some not-so-nice words in front of the girl.



Karmyn R said...

Moodiness peaks at week 10? Hmmm...try telling my husband that. (it comes back full force in month 9)

Sorry you got bad brisket. There is nothing worse that not getting a good meal when you were expecting something great.

shuttle mom said...

The moodiness thing will come and go. The guys learn to deal with it cause they KNOW they could NEVER go through what we do/did.
To get through the summers I stayed near water sources. My favorite was sitting in a lounge chair while the kids played in the sprinkler. I loved when it came my direction.

The Laundress~JJ! said...

Oh girl. I'm sorry.

Bad food when you are moody and pregnant can be really a crappy deal.

What can I say about my moodiness?..it hasn't gone a way after week 10...she's 4+ now...It hasn't gone away at all...when does it end?

Kokopelli said...

Sorry about your BBQ. Seems most of the good places here in Austin get unpredictable once they get popular. And, no one seems to do all BBQ (brisket, sausage, chicken, etc) well. I hope the trip to Fredericksberg went well.