18 May 2008

Hee Hee.... It's a party

For me!!!!!!!

If I had known that I'd only be a few weeks (8 weeks today!!) preggo and then I'd get a party - well, I'd a done this earlier. (KIDDING)

My Blogging Buddy Heather is giving me a Par-Tay.

Got some tips? Hints? Stories? Anything- please share.

She's giving away some cool stuff too.

Because, she absolutely rocks.

So, if you have any tips, please share them. Lord knows, Mark and I need all the tips we can get. We went to a baby expo today and were hopelessly confused. Which then resulted in a stop at a book store where I bought EVERY parenting/pregnancy magazine they had. Mark wouldn't let me go to the books. There may not have been room in our car (or in our checking account) because I would have bought each and every book.

Questions currently sitting in my brain:

1. Travel system stroller with carrier versus regular stroller and 2 regular car-seats that also fit newborns. Knowing if I got the carrier version - both cars would need a base then eventually we would both need car seats.

2. They have these swaddling wrap things. Say they make the kids sleep better and longer (Mark LOVED that thought). Worth it? Do they make those in grown up size?

3. Seriously - how many types of bottles are there? EAch and every single one said they were the best, pediatrician recommended, most "natural", etc.

4. There was a photography lady there who comes into the birthing room and takes pictures RIGHT when the baby is born. Ummm...really?? A stranger? No. Thanks.

That's about all the questions I have now.

So, if you have any tips, suggestions or answers - feel free to jump over to Heather's. You may win something.



Mary said...

Loved my travel system! It was so easy to just pop the car seat carrier right on top of the stroller. I say it's a must! We only transport our little guy in my car so we've only had to have one carrier and one car seat so far.
The swaddlers......I got a few and never used them. I couldn't swaddle them tight enough. I swaddled with receiving blankets at first. Then he was so wiggly that those didn't work. I personally wouldn't recommend them.
Bottles........I like the Avent ones at first when I used breast milk. But them when we switched to formula I used the Dr. Browns ones because they seemed to get the bubbles out better. Then after he was use to the formula I went back to Avent ones because they are a lot easier to clean than the Dr. Browns.
Be prepared........you are going to get sooooooo many opinions about everything! We'll probably all end up driving you crazy!

Anonymous said...

GET THE TRAVEL SYSTEM! Nothing like just popping the carrier out of the base and bringing the baby & carrier inside, and the baby is STILL SLEEPING! And how about shopping with the carrier! Just put that thing in the cart and GO. OMG girl, let's talk again and again.

I got my calendar out - let's book a night once a week for your questions! LMAO




Phoenix said...

1. Graco. Those things are easy to use, easy to steer and they come with one infant car seat, which you can use for the first year. It also comes with a base and you can buy another one for like 20 bucks.

2. Ahhh maybe. It depends on your kid. Some love to be swaddled, some despise it. And nope, they don't make them for adults.

3. Playtex VentAir ones are cool, they make the babies less gassy. The ones that I bought for my nephew, but have yet to use are called Soothie. In the hospital, they give babies the Soothie brand pacifiers. I think those bottles will be cool.

4. Um hell to the no. I'd request that they not do that.

shuttle mom said...

#2 Swaddling made my baby girls scream bloody murder. The boys loved it.
#4 If you want those sort of pics, let hubby do it. There are enough people in the room looking at your naked rear.

Heather said...

Thanks for the mention!

Come on over and party, everyone!!

Gina said...

Yup, mine hated swaddling with a passion. I would wait to see if your little one likes it or not with a regular blanket before buying one.

As for bottles, you are going to have to get glass ones. From what I understand all of the plastic ones leak chemicals.

Travel systems are great, but be aware that they grow out of them pretty quickly and you will have to get a new car seat and possibly a new stroller. We had to get both.