20 May 2008

I try not to say "hate"

But Insomnia.... - I really hate you. I do.

Asleep at 10:15. Awake at 1.

Asleep sometime around 1:15.

Up at 2:05.

The time is now 2:44.

Insomnia, I hate you.

Sinus issues causing me to have a massively sore throat, stuffy nose and overall feeling of crap. Not too fond of you either.


Phoenix said...

I fell your pain, my friend. I so feel your pain. Well until a month ago, I did anyway. Although it was hot last night and I didn't sleep well.

Are you doing any coffee? I recommend the Mocha Joe from Burger King. I'm in love. It's more like a chocolate milk with a bit of coffee in it. WOn't do a dam thing about the sleeplessness, but it may make you happy.

Karmyn R said...

So sorry to hear you are having insomnia - especially now because you really do need all your sleep!!!!d

I would recommend STOP drinking caffeine.

TxGambit said...

I have been having a hard time sleeping lately and having the sinus problems, cough, sore/itchy throat.... It sucks.

Hang in there!

shay said...

Oh that's the worst thing about being preggo! So tired during the day...no sleep at night - weird!
Hang in there. I think it's to prepare us for the lack of sleep later on...