17 May 2008


i really can't believe that I'm gonna have a baby.

And god, please, don't let me be jinxing myself, but I have only had one day of pure hell morning sickness. The rest have been pure exhaustion.

Thursday night/friday morning, I actually slept from 10-4. That's the most sleep I have gotten in weeks! Last night I slept from 10-6 courtesy of my medicine and then from 7-9:30.

Pants are starting to get snug. Probably because I am contastly hungry - therefore constantly eating. Contstantly. I wake up to go pee at 3am - seems like a good time for a snack,huh? Not sure if this is the time that things start getting snug or not, but they are.

I have gotten several outfits from people so far (gender neutral) and 2 beautiful receiving blankets and 2 really cute rattles. I keep looking at the outfits over and over. And just marvel that in a few months (OK, like 6) we will have a little one to fill them up!

And my dreams? Every Single Dream has been that we have a girl. EVERY single one.


Mary said...

It is such a miracle Margaret, isn't it? And it gets better better :)
Be well :)

TxGambit said...

I am soo, soo, sooooo happy for you!!!! I remember that first baby. It is like "wow, I cannot believe I am having a baby!"

Phoenix said...

I think those dreams mean something. My mom still says that she had dreams about having a girl for a year before she got pregnant with me. With my brother, she had one dream of a baby boy, the night she got pregnant. She was like, oh hell no, but it was already too late.

shay said...

I'm so excited for you AND Yes you're having a baby - amazing!

I think I had dreams with at least 2 of my kids and they were right. Interesting!

Once you get that first ultrasound it all seems so much more real.
Bless you!