23 May 2008


It's a post NOT about pregnancy!!!

For months (and MONTHS), Mark and I have been wanting to get away.

Finally, its going to happen.

We leave tomorrow morning for a small town outside of Austin. One of Mark's good friends from way back is in town and his family is having a BBQ for the holiday weekend. My oldest nephew (aaack, I have a 22 year old nephew!!) just moved to Austin. Like a typical 22 year old guy, he is living rather simple, so Mark and I hope to take him out for a nice lunch and see if he needs anything. Mark's cousin will also be in town, so we hope to get to see her too.

Mark also wants to go and walk thru his college campus (about 1/2 hour in other direction) but it may be a bit too hot for me to go and walk around for an hour or so.

Anyhow, what a boring post this is. Because of my insomniac state, I will be bringing my laptop and will probably still be checking in with everyone's blogs.

Good lord, this was a big ole' waste of time. For me writing and you reading!! :)



Tami W. said...

Regardless of the content of your posts...I'm just glad that you checked in with us.

When are we going to get to see belly pics?

shay said...

have a wonderful time! AND I love the preggo posts so keep em coming:)