12 April 2008


I've been quiet.

It's been a craptastic week. Work has been absolutely kicking my ass. There's no two ways about it. And it's just going to get worse until...well...probably mid May.

How exciting.

And it makes for absolutely boring blogging. Actually non-existent blogging.

What have Mark and I been up to? Today, we actually took a few hours out of our lives and drove about an hour outside of Houston. And we found giant fields of bluebonnets.

Not from Texas?

Check these pictures out.


none of our pictures will be near as stunning as these, but we had a blast. Sitting in bluebonnets, walking gingerly through the fields so as to not stomp on them and then laughing as we realized that perhaps I should not have worn high-heeled sandals.

Our pictures, providing they turned out well, will be up soon.

Seriously - my life has become completely non-blog-worthy.



Heather said...

I've missed you! Sometimes you need to take a break and put blogging on the back burner. Just don't do it too much, 'keydokie? :o)
Glad you had fun frolicking through the flowers! Sounds like a nice time.

TxGambit said...

I loooove bluebonnets!!!!

Hang in there with work! It is the busy time of year for me too. Actually the only slow time for me is really December and January. Hmmm?

Miss ya! We need to get together sometime for drinks and maybe dinner.