13 April 2008

Me....28'ish years ago

Wow.... there is so much to comment on.

The shirt.

The belt.

The hair.

The skinniness.

My mom found this old picture. She thinks I was about 5 or 6.

Why am I sharing this?

I have no flippin idea.


Amy said...

Your pic is so cute. I had a shirt just like that.

I hope you Dad is doing well.

TxGambit said...

Cute!!!! I think we should all share pics of ourselves when we were kids.

Love the shirt. I think I had one like that too. :) Didn't we all?

The Laundress~JJ! said...

You are adorable...

Just got a scanner, I'm planning on some of these picture posts too!

Kathy said...

Aw, how cute! I loved that the top matched the belt. Your shirt reminds me of the NBC peacock logo.

Share more if you want! You know I'm up for some good old pictures! The geekier, the better. See what you can do. This one's too cute!

Tami W. said...

If only we would have known then that our skinny-ness was not going to follow us into our adult life...we would have enjoyed it more.

You remind me of my sister in this picture. She always had to have her shirt tucked in and always had to have a belt. She is 48 years old and her fashion preferences are still the same.

Heather said...

How CUTE were/are you?!?!

min said...

You were cute then...you're cuter now!

Love that smile!