04 April 2008

General Stuff

My dad is doing quite well! Yippee!!

I seriously cannot thank all of you for your prayers, good wishes, thoughts, emails....everything. You guys are all absolutely the best.

After a few rough days, he finally started feeling really good on Wednesday.

Thursday - yeah, out on the riding lawnmower.

Hello?? Dad??? You had prostate cancer surgery 6 days earlier and you are out on the riding lawnmower??


But you are all wonderful people. The strength I drew from your comments was felt deep inside me. And I wish I had something more to say than "thank you".

But I don't. So thank you for being YOU.

Big hugs to you all. And for whatever you are going through, or will go through, if you need anything - just holler. You are all in MY prayers each night.

Imagine my shock when my colleague Brendan commented on my blog the other day about his
battle of the jerkface that is cancer.

Brendan's strength is true inspiration.

If you are in Houston, and care to join The Relay for Life ... let's do it. Everyone has been touched by cancer. Everyone.... Let's beat it, shall we?


The Laundress~JJ! said...

Awesome! Awesome!

So happy to hear that about your dad.


Mary said...

That is great new Margaret!
I hope he continues to feel better every day :)

Heather said...

So happy to hear it!!! Go, Daddy, GO!

My hubby's cousin just came home after his surgery to remove tumors, too.

swampy said...

Good for your DAD ! I am a cancer survivor, too.

A big THANK YOU for leaving a comment for Jordan on the Tailhook Daily Briefing blog.

Feel free to spread that news with the link if you wish.

TxGambit said...

I am soooo glad he is doing so well. Cancer sucks.

AJsMom said...

Very glad to hear about your dad's progress...sounds just like my dad - back outside on a tractor as quickly as he can get out the door :)

shay said...

I'm so glad to hear he's feeling well enough to mow the lawn????? Dads! What can you do?!

Oh and good luck in you ttc journey. Two months may feel like an eternity but it really isn't that long. Don't despair!

shuttle mom said...

Boys and their tractors! Glad to hear the good report. Hugs!!!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

So glad to hear that his recovery is going well. What a guy!
take care, Margaret.

Gina said...

Margaret, I am so sorry that I haven't been able to comment, but know that I was thinking of your Dad, and am so happy that he is doing well!

Tami W. said...

We cancer survivors are an odd bunch...your dad mows the lawn after surgery...I cleaned out my fire place 3 days after my mastectomy.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. I will continue to pray for your daddy.