04 November 2007

I am a hater. I admit it

I understand I am supposed to love all of god's creatures. Big and small.

I understand why some of these creatures are on our earth.. I know that even the ugliest of animals, meanest of people - they all have a purpose.

But fire ants? Really? Could you please help me understand what purpose they serve?

Unless it was a mad conspiracy by Amdro or another bug killer - really, I don't see the purpose of 'em.

Today I managed to get bit on my elbow. Both actually. AND....ready for this? at the exact tip of my finger. Well, actually where my fingernail meets the tip of my finger. Painful.

Is there a purpose of fire ants?

I bought some ant killer today and upon sprinkling it on the multitude of fire ant beds, I saw those little bastards picking up the poison and carrying it to their leader. HAHAH. I did a victory dance.

Mark called me warped and told me "don't be a hater". Whatever. I really do hate fire ants. I do. I don't hate much. Really, I don't.

But I hate fire ants.

And just so you know, I think they were laughing at me as they were biting me.

But me? I laughed last. In fact, I just went outside again to check to make sure they hadn't swept away the poison with their little ant brooms which I think they have hidden in ther ant mounds. And it was still everywhere.

I am laughing now....you little non-purpose-serving-bite-me-on-my-elbows-bite-me-on-my-fingertip little poison carrying bastards

p.s. - Hey - Comc*st - Screw you too. I have AT&T now, baby. More channels. Cheaper. More boxes. No charges for every single thing. Screw.You.HAH.


TxGambit said...

I am thinking of switching to something else. Comcast sucks! Once they took over, my computer is just full of spyware, viruses, and all kinds crap!

I hate fire ants too. I also hate spiders but I guess they serve a purpose.... *sigh*

Gina said...

You and the animal kingdom are not getting along well lately, are you?

For the Love... said...

You and Rob would get along very well...After being eaten alive while attempting to mow the grass he decided to get even.

I should have paid closer attention when I saw him walking away from the porch with the gas can and the long matches....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't get fire ants either...What purpose do they serve?

min said...

Fire ants and hair conditioner...it's all karma.
The ants bite you because you were bad. That is their purpose.

Catazon said...

Been debating about checking into AT&T, so now I think I better do it...I just need one person I know to do it first so thanks for taking care of that!

Phoenix said...

I despise all ants. And flys. Can't stand those annoying fuckers.