05 November 2007

This pisses me off....BAD

Not just because it's wrong -

But because they are friends of mine.

Please - take a few minutes to watch this. 2 or so minutes of your time.

And to the little punks (I don't know if they are little punks or not, I'm purely speculating)... SCREW YOU.

Oh - and when the Harris County Sheriff's Department or what ever law enforcement folks find you....I hope you unexpectedly fall and hit your face. Or the police dogs find you first.

My friends lost 90% of their belongings. Thank God they are insured but so many things are gone forever.

Oh and again - little punk asses - S C R E W Y O U


Anonymous said...

Holy crap Margaret.
That is just ugly ugly work.

I'm so sorry.

AJsMom said...

I'm with you...bury them UNDER the jail. I don't care how old they are.

ChrisB said...

That is just terrible I am so sorry for your friends.

Tami W. said...

Regardless of the biological age of the persons responsible for this tragedy...they ARE little people.

There is truly no excuse for this type of urban terrorism.

I truly hope they catch who ever did this and that justice prevails.

I am so sorry your friends and you have had to endure this terrible situation.

Gina said...

That is so horrible.

Whoever did that are just pieces of shit, really.

For the Love... said...

Don't care how old they are...if they are old enough to do something like this then they are old enough to take the kick in the ass they deserve. I hope they make an example out of them.

Please keep us updated on this...

min said...

It wasn't my kid! (I hope).
Very,very sad.

Anonymous said...

OMG...that's so awful. It makes my stomach hurt. I'm so sorry for your friends.