11 November 2007

How do I...How can I

How do I feel good about myself, when I look in the mirror and see nothing but what's wrong?

I see that I need to lose 20, 30, 40 pounds.

I see that I look like most of the women on this site, yet I have never had a child.

I see that even when I go all out and put on full make-up, I don't see anyone even slightly attractive.

I can't do a thing with my hair, to even make it slightly attractive.

How can I possibly be a good wife? I have the best of intentions - to clean more, do more laundry, pick up my shoes, make a better dinner - but it just doesn't seem to be enough. He understands and doesn't really ask for more - but I don't feel that I do enough.

How can I possibly be a good wife? Lately I seem to snap at the smallest thing.

How am I supposed to love myself, even like myself, when I see so much of what's wrong. When I see nothing that is right. Nothing at all.


Anonymous said...

I understand.

I really do.

Badness Jones said...

oh honey -- we've all been there at some point. Big Hugs.

Tami W. said...

I don't know you very well, so I hope I am not stepping over my boundaries when I say that your life doesn't have to be this way. It sounds to me like you are overwhelmed/depressed/extremely sad....tell your doctor and see if you can talk to a counselor or get a light anti-depressant.
You are beautiful and you deserve to be happy. Don't let life swallow you up.

For the Love... said...

So sorry...I think most people feel that way at some point. Most people would not find that little bit of info helpful..but for me it is. Those people get through it...so that lets me know that if I can just hold on I will come out on the other side too.

Still sucks to feel that way...hope you are seeing the other end of the tunnel soon...

Gina said...

Ahhh sweetie, there are times in life where we just look in the mirror and go "bleh."

I have seen you, you are beautiful just the way you are.

But, perhaps if you want to feel more energy, take a nice long walk with your hubby, just talking. That can be relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

Heather said...

We all feel that way sometimes. I can also say though that I've met you and you are a very beautiful woman! Sometimes when we look in the mirror we don't see the same image that other people see.

I hope you don't feel down for too long.

TxGambit said...

I wish I had something awe-inspiring to say.... but I just don't. I have so been there. Its not a fun place.

Many hugs. Tons of support and I am just a quick email away.... Did I ever give you my phone #? I could even be up for a drink or two.

Anonymous said...

Dontcha hate it that we all struggle with stuff like this, sometimes worse than others? I feel ya, girl. Thanks for a brave, very honest post.

Kelly Malloy said...

I think as women we all go through these periods of self doubt. This too shall pass...

Jenny said...

We all feel like that sometimes but that doesn't make it any easier.

But I know you in real life and can honestly say that you are beautiful inside and out. I can always tell a truly good person from their eyes and yours are extrordinary.