16 November 2007


This woman can SING.

Holy crap, this video makes me cry. Each time I watch it.

p.s. - yes, I am doing better. Thank you. So much for your sweet notes. I love y'all. As bad as I felt for about 4 days, reading your notes got me through everything.

p.s.s. - this song is just a song I am in love with. No special meaning. Just an amazing singer. And real tears.


Gina said...

I can't watch that right now, but I am glad you are feeling better, dear.

Phoenix said...

I've seen it and I love it too. I super heart her. If you ever get the chance, see her in concert, trust me. I saw them before they were big, before they won all the awards and she is amaingly talented. Just completly real.

I'm glad you're doing better. I think I may be doing better too. Hey, maybe we should have a party. Although I live far away, so maybe a blog party? A party with gifts and wine? Whatcha think?

MamaLee said...

I hear ya - she really has an amazing voice.

And can I come over with some pumpkin pie? Hm?

Anonymous said...

See you are feeling better. Must be PMS. HA!

Why is it woman always put so much pressure on themselves to do it all? Life is too precious and you should live everyday loving the moment. Truly this should be the happiest time of your life from reading your blog I see,you are young, you have married the man you love and it seems like you have a great family and pets too - hey what more do you want? You have more than most.

PS: I love Sugarland too!!

Mama Drama Jenny said...

I've come back twice to listen to that.

Brings me to tears each time.