10 November 2007

Toilet Talk

a.k.a. - 2 things my husband is completely incapable of doing.

1. Put the toilet paper on the roll. The new roll is ALWAYS on the counter or on the back of the toilet. Today....I found the empty roll on the holder; another empty roll on the counter AND a half full roll on the counter. What the hell??

2. Put the damn toilet seat down. Is that hard? Do you REALLY think I want to touch the toilet seat???

This toilet picture is obviously not in my house. See? The toilet paper is on the holder. Unless of course, i was the last one in there.

Oh - and may I add a third thing?

If he uses the last of the toilet paper - he won 't get a new roll and even put it on the counter. Result - I always sit to do my bid'ness and there is nuttin' for me to use. Then I hope that there is toilet paper in the cabinet and NOT in the closet across the bathroom. Cause it there isn't - it makes for an awkward walk across the bathroom.

Enough potty talk.


ChrisB said...

Sad fact he is not alone in in this failing!

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

A universal ilk of marriage :/. I don't think there's an answer to "why"...nothin' abut it makes sense to me!

Tami W. said...

In "How to be a Man" class they also learn how to leave their dirty socks rolled up on a ball on the floor, how to not rinse off a plate properly and how to leave standing water in the sink until bugs are flying around your kitchen.
Men. Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em.