04 September 2007

Product Review aka Bridal Breakdown, the sequel

Please, oh please, allow me to share with you my first Product Review.

So many blogs review stuff, so it's my turn.

I am a thirty-something year old woman, but I still get an occasional pimple. It's not that big of a deal, but it happens. Normally I am only oily in my T-zone (you know, forehead and nose). Occasionally on my chin.

But since my wedding is only four and a half weeks away, I decided to try a new facial wash because, well, I got a pimple on my chin.


This product, who we shall refer to as Schmoo-tra-feena, came in very appealing packaging. OK, it was blue. And dammit, I like blue stuff. So I bought it. Came home and washed (this was Thursday evening). Friday, washed again - twice!!

Saturday, I woke up to BOTH cheeks completely broken out in massive pimples. I look like a 12 year old boy in the throes of puberty. (Well, I don't look like a boy, I have long hair and boobs, but my cheeks and chin do resemble a teenager)

Did I mention my wedding is in 4 1/2 weeks? Cause it is.

So I cried. A lot. Hard. Which makes me turn all flushed. Which makes the pimples stand out even more.

Immediately switched back to good ole' Smox-ema and am beginning to notice the giantness of pimples that was my face get a little better.

So, if you want to make yourself hysterical just a mere 4 weeks prior to your wedding, just try Schmoo-tra-feena.

Oh, and to add to the cruel humor that is nature, I now have a stye on (or is it in??) my eye.


Heather said...

Try Estee Lauder's counter-blemish lotion. IT IS AWESOME! Expensive, but AWSESOME! And you only need a tiny dot on each pimple. Warning: it hurst like a "sunny-gun" if the zit is broken open, but by golly it works!!

TxGambit said...

I tried something new too. But this wasn't in a blue package. I like blue too.

But, *sigh*, I still look like a 12 yr old boy in puberty at my age.... I haven't found anything that actually works for me. Even the derma couldn't. Bad skin.

I'm sure, though, that you will look amazing for your big day! Just gorgeous.

Gina said...

Stick with what works! Don't change things or you will be asking for it!

I too, get the occasional PMS pimple, and I was skeptical that the i.d. bare escentuals would hide them, but it is perfect! I have never been so happy with a makeup!

Anonymous said...

I have two Words for you.

Mario Badescu.

He is not as expensive as he looks.
Plus they give free samples when you fill out the questionnaire and whenever you order...

His stuff lasts a long time and it saved my life. I swear by it.

Robin said...

1) I woulda totally named names.

2) PLEASE forgive me Margaret, even though I felt your pain, this made me giggle. Not AT you, but with you.

You are smiling...r i g h t ?? :D

Jenny said...

I broke out in hives the night before my wedding.

for real.

But whatever...I just made myself a veil to hide the hives. Yeah. MODE MYSELF a veil. Remember how you were asking me how I had such an inexpesive wedding? That's how.