31 August 2007

Bridal Breakdown

OK, so I am 6 feet tall. Correction - 5 foot 11 and 1/2. Wearing heels is not a huge requirement for me.

My wedding dress is champagne colored.

When I walk down the stairs at the B&B I then have to walk down a small hill prior to the bridge to the gazebo.

Combine all these things and you get me breaking down and crying in JCPenney's Shoe Department and in the parking lot Payless.

Make sense? Yeah...not so much.

I can't wear heels at the actual ceremony because of the hill (I have no intention of ending up on Americas Funniest Home Videos by falling), so I needed flats.

Apparantly NO ONE wears flats with their wedding dress. And you can't just go and buy a champagne colored pair of shoes.

So I had bought a pair of shoes from my bridal store (previous to knowing about the hill I have to walk down) and they are a gorgeous pair of heels (now delegated to wearing at the restaurant/reception). I went a few weeks ago and found a pair of champagne'ish colored shoes. In my room where I am keeping my dress, they looked close. Today, in daylight, I discovered not only were they NOT champagne colored, but they were actually much uglier than I thought they were on the day I bought them.

So I went to Penney's. Nothing (begin the tears). Went to Payless. All they had were heels. Although the very nice (although ignorant) woman advised me to buy a pair of ugly white shoes and decorate them with beads. Went to the car and sobbed.

Called Mark. Who told me they are "just shoes". HAHAHAHAHHA....Wrong thing to say, my dear.

Ended up driving into the heart of all that is evil Houston traffic at a specialty shoe store and bought an impossibly cute pair of flats (with the open toe) that will be dyed to match my dress. AND a similarly impossibly cute purse - that will ALSO be dyed.

I am doing *much better now* but I really need for this shit to be over and done with. It's really been too much for such a simple wedding.


Gina said...

Weddings are never simple, my dear. No matter how much we want them to be. ;)


For the Love... said...
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For the Love... said...

Glad you found your shoes-I know exactly what you should do with the "ugly" ones you bought that don't really match the dress. You know how your neighbors have been known to drive you nuts??? Well this weekend put an end to it all and get rid of the shoes. As soon as your neighbors start getting all loud and crazy its time for a round of "Shoe Skeet." Simply have Mark toss them high in the sky so that you can blow them into little tiny not-champagne colored bits.

Therapy and clutter removal all at one time.

swamp witch said...

Simple Wedding = Oxymoron.

TxGambit said...

I'm so glad you found your shoes.

Hugs. Hang in there. It will be here, you will be smiling in your beautiful dress and walking towards Mark to become his wife.

(sniff, sniff).... I'm so happy for you!

Jane said...

Isn't it weird, how you never thought there were so many shades of white, or champagne? Until you went looking for shoes to match a gown? I remember being very surprised that WHITE shoes had to be dyed to match my WHITE dress.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many different pairs of shoes can make you cry...I know.

I was gonna give you a speech about not worrying and it will all work out...but you already found a solution and sound happy...

SO I'll save it for the next breakdown.

hee hee...

Come over, you have an award!

Phoenix said...

I'm glad you found some shoes. Flats rule in my world. In fact, I'm wearing flip-flops when I get married one day.

TamiW said...

I'm glad your shoe problem is solved. May I offer a bit of unsolicited advice? Wear your shoes, both pair, for a little while each day or your feeties are going to be killing you on your wedding day and that is not fun.

I've been married twice and had 4 weddings..(2 each) and I didn't follow my own advice. There is nothing sadder than a bride with dirty, bare feet.

Sabrina said...

All I can say is you handled this a whole lot better than I handled ANYTHING shoe-and/or-purse-related when planning my wedding. Hang in there! All coordinating accessories will look AWESOME!!!