04 September 2007

Men + Wedding Registry Scanners = Bad Combo

Mark and I went to Tar-zhay a few weeks ago on the guise of picking a floor sweeper thingee. So I had the scanner and handed it to him as I really needed a drink.

Shortly after, we went to bed Bath and Beoynd to pick out some bedding. My mom called while we were there and again, I left him with the scanner gun thingee.

Today, I went in to review our registry.

Allow me to review what he added:

1. You know those things you hang on the wall with the hooks that you can hang your keys from? Yep! He managed to find one at Tar-zhay
2. A mop. Not just any mop. But it's some type of ruby red mop that retails for a whopping $7.99.
3. That key hook thing that's mentioned in #1? He found one at Bed Bath and Beoynd. That's two (if you are counting) that we are registered for. Two.
4. And the best? Ready? He registered for a BUCKET. As in a 3 gallon clear plastic bucket. At Bed Bath and Beoynd. I am mortified. People are going to see this and wonder about me.

So I asked him "Honey, why is there a bucket on our wedding registry?"

His response: "to go with the mop I registered us for".

Like I'm a dumbass or something. What the hell was I thinking?


TxGambit said...

Coool, a bucket. Its gotta be better than 12 toasters or something, right?

Gina said...

You know, I say go with what's useful. I have crystal and china that I never use. But a bucket, now that could come in handy...

Karmyn R said...

That is such a man-thing.

When my husband and I were registering, I kept seeing things like "OOOH - look at that cool candy dish. Isn't it neat. Let's register that."

My husband would say "We can buy that for ourselves later."

Um - he kind of missed the point.

For the Love... said...

OMG how funny!!Can you delete that stuff?

My cousin quietly added a PS3 to his son's baby registry...thought that was hysterical.

Did you have a nice Labor Day?

Jessica said...

Sooooo funny (and practical)!

Heather said...

My sister's hubby put a $1200 tv on their registry. They joked about putting it on and she walked around the corner and heard a "BEEP". At least Mark's things are practical. Funny, but practical.

Robin said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is a 3-gallon CLEAR bucket really for mopping? I'm thinking more like for icing down some cold beverages.

But that's without me seeing it ;).

Anonymous said...

I got married 13 years ago when we still had to hand-right the UPCs we wanted to register for.

A few years later two of our best friends were getting married and did the registry scanner thing at a SuperTarget. While SHE was gone HE registered for frozen pizza, ground beef and a few dozen of those spongey, gray paintbrushes. The group of friend we ran with when we lived in Kansas City were all improvisers and all thought we were really fun (which, of course, we were). Needless to say, they got A LOT of beef and pizza at their showers.

Jenny said...

that is hilarious!

I got so many toasters when we got married that I started giving them away as prizes at work.