26 August 2007

Update on dad

Since several have asked....

Dad is doing better.

He went back to the doctor on Thursday and was told that he needs to stay off 2 meds and start taking one. He doesn't remember what that one was for (or if he did remember, he wouldn't tell me).

See - the thing about dad - we have been thru this a few times. And each time after he gets out of the hospital, he's a big jerk. I think its a loss of control thing. You know - when something big happens, you have no control over it. And you have to relinquish all control to the doctors and nurses.

But physically, he's doing better. At least, that's what we think. Again, won't tell anyone too much.

Mentally - he seems to be coming around. He's not as chatty as he usually is, but at least mom says he is talking more and more to her.

So, I don't know. It sucks. Cuz he's my daddy, you know?

Is that weird? Being 33 years old and still calling my father "Daddy"?


Karmyn R said...

I'm glad he is out of the hospital and at home - and seemingly well.

I would think the worst part of being admitted to the hospital as an older person is the loss of dignity.

Anonymous said...

No, its not wierd. I called my Dad "Daddy" all of my life!

And I'm glad he's doing better. Guys are always so proud and don't want to admit that they don't know everything and that they aren't perfect. That loss of dignity is HUGE.

With that being said, hopefully he'll get back to being "human" soon!


Phoenix said...

Dude, I'm 27 and I don't even like me dad most of the time and I'll still call him Daddy to his face. Now when I write about him it's my father...or his name. But he's still my daddy. Also, I still call my mom, Mama. And I always will.

I'm glad your dad is doing better. Hopefully soon, he'll be in a better mood.

Anonymous said...

Aw, daddy.

I'm glad he's okay.

Hope he calms down soon for your sake...Cranky dads are not fun.