26 August 2007

Chris Farley's Long Lost Relative

Yes, I know this is wrong.

Incredibly wrong.

But, oh, so funny.


Karmyn R said...

I am laughing my butt off -

If you were a believer in reincarnation - than THIS IS Chris!

Where did you find this?

For the Love... said...

O M G!!! Looks just like him!!!!

Jenny said...

She lives in a van down by the river.

My god, I'm going to hell.

Phoenix said...

Oh shit...lol. Yup his kid for sure.

TxGambit said...

OMG! Totally his.

Heather said...

Jenny took my line! :o)

I LOVE Farley! That has to be his love child or something!


Gina said...

Oh man.

You know, I have to say that sometimes kids don't look like "themselves" in photos, but that is pretty amazing.

Jessica said...

That's quite uncanny!