05 May 2007

Ouch - Part II

Well, after yesterday, I had high hopes for feeling better today.


Slept like shit last night. Woke up 5 or 6 times in tears from pain and from my eye.

I overslept and went as fast as I could to my new house. Which wasn't very fast considering I had bouts of tunnel vision. Everything would go dark. Kinda like when you are really tired and everything would go narrow? Yeah, try that when you are driving.

So I got to the new house, mom and dad showed up, house cleaners were cleaning and I said "I have to call the eye doc again".

I went in immediately and she anesthitized my eye again and looked even closer - with a really bright light. I mean - REALLY bright light.

Sure enough, I still have the scratch, but I also had a piece of something embedded in my cornea.

Of course, I immediately began to get upset then I heard the two doctors say "scrape it out".

I'm sorry - you are about to do WHAT????

After begging to live with the tunnel vision (who needs to drive??) and severe throbbing pain (who needs to function), she said she would give me a few more drops of the anesthetic and said I wouldn't feel it or even really know - my eye would go cloudy when she was doing that "scraping it out of my eye" thing.

She did it. Didn't feel a thing. But...ummm...watching someone come near your eye with a sharp pointy thing? Screw that.

So now I am on even more massive antibiotics (since she made an abrasion EVEN BIGGER), special eye drops, 800 mg of tylenol every 6 hours and 2-3 tylenol PM to help me sleep.

I am supposed to sit in a dark room and do NOTHING - esp not stare at the computer. So as I type this, I am actually looking away and I check occasionally for typos. I have to go back on Monday to have her check the eye and remove the non-prescription contact that is acting as a band-aid.

And for those of you that asked - Mammogram is monday. :)

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