05 May 2007


This was me - prior to 1:30pm today

This is me - after 1:30pm today

He asked my parents permission and then asked me!!!

****updated - so, sorry for the crappy pictures. In the midst of moving, I have no idea where the camera is, so this is a phone pic. The ring has 3 oval diamonds - one center stone, 1 smaller on each side, and 3 channel set round diamonds on each side of those. The wedding band has 10 channel set round diamonds.
No, we havent set a date. never got around to it yesterday. Probably early October!!


min said...

Oh my God!! We knew this was coming, but now it is official.

You rock with that rock!!

Congratulations...now, did you settle that little "set the date" issue? Last I read you had two, but they were miles apart.

That's so cute that he asked your parents!

Heather said...


What a gorgeous ring and how very sweet that he asked your parents first! You are one lucky girl!!!

Karmyn R said...


Yeah yeah yeah! It's official - you are engaged. That is awesome.

okay - very scary about your eye. How did you get something embedded in it? Was it a piece of dust or something?

Stephanie said...



*happy dance happy dance happy dance*

Goooo-in' to the chap-el and we're
Goooon-na get maaa-aaa-aaa-ried!!!

Beautiful ring, uh, ROCK!!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh (she asked in really tiny letters), did you get your boobies squished today?

Anonymous said...

Wheee.....I am so excited for you!!!

Great news woman!


ChrisB said...

Just wanted to wish you both a long and happy life together.