12 April 2007

Engaged? Not Engaged? I had to ask to know.

Last weekend both our parents gave us the 3rd degree about when we are getting married. On Easter my entire family (Mark was with his folks) took bets on when it would happen.

I had a long discussion with Mark about it. He agreed that we are about to get engaged but he knows that getting a ring is important to me. And it is. I can't help it. It may not be a 3 carat emerald cut solitaire (can ya tell I think about these things) but it will be something nice. Then, maybe in a few years, we will get something better.

So he said he asked me what my ring size was.

Then he asked me what style ring I like.

Then he said we will go look at rings this weekend if we have time.

For a few hours, I had no idea if we were unofficially engaged or what.

I had to ask.

We're not....yet.

He said he is going to ask me proper.

Now's just the when.


Heather said...

My sister got pre-engaged a couple of years ago. I told her 'fiancee' pre-engagement is code for fear of committment. They already ahve a child together and live together. WHY wouldn't he just make it official? Hello!
Mark is a smart man to wait and ask you properly. Way to go!

PS- if he asks you to get pre-engaged, run! Just kidding! ;o)

Karmyn R said...

Very exciting!

let us know when it becomes OFFICIAL!!!!!

Anonymous said...


You must post when it becomes official!

Jenny said...


I'm so excited for you! I can't wait!

Pre-congratulations on your pre-engagement!