08 April 2007

1 year ago today

I had my first conversation with Mark.

I remember it so clearly. We each had Easter dinner with our families, and Easter morning we had emailed each other and said "talk to you later - around 7?" I never ate so fast to make sure I left my folks house by 6:15, be home by 6:45, get settled on the couch with a drink and be calm when the phone rang.

To be honest, I don't remember exactly what we discussed. But it must have been good. I know we talked for at least an hour.

We haven't missed a day of talking since then. Not one. 365 days of phone calls - from deep, meaningful conversations, to silly, meaningless conversations, to phone calls of me needing him to just listen.... it's been so good.

Our future truly starts in just under 3 weeks. April 30, closing date on the new house.


Anonymous said...

Happy 'anniversary'...Good luck on the closing!!!

Heather said...

Aren't those first conversations the best? You're learning all these new things about each other and you're so interested in finding out everything you can. What's funny is that it's just as great when you know everything adn you can finish each other's sentences... or even better when you don't even have to talk because the other person knows exactly what youy'd say anyways and beats you to it.
Congrats! I'm so happy for you both!

Stephanie said...

AW!! Congratuations!!!

I love those memories!

And now you two have a bright future together!!

Looney Mom said...

That is so sweet. I hope it never stops. How exciting on the house. I hope it goes off without a hitch.

And YES, AI is totally ticking me off. Something is just not right. I guess I need to actually remember to vote tomorrow!! Sanjaya needs TO GO!

Jenny said...

Happy one year! May it be the first of many, many happy ones.